Road Trippin’ {mini} Adventure Guide

You want to take a family road trip, but you're scared.

  • What if my kids are too young for this?
  • What if everyone gets cranky simultaneously?
  • What if we run out of fun activities?
  • What if we get lost or bored... or just wanna go home?

We get it! But as veterans of multiple road trips with small children we're here to tell you: you can road trip and LOVE it. For real.

We've got two ways to get you on the road:

If you just want to get your feet wet, this Road Trippin' {mini} Adventure Guide is just what you need! You'll get our top planning tips, lists of our favorite road trippin' resources, our awesome on the road fun finder, and our brand new Road Trippin' Bucket List. At just $20 it's a super-affordable way for your family to discover the joys of road trippin'!

And if you're ready to hit the road, Jack, for real? Then you'll want our Adventure in a Box: Road Trippin' Kit.

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Road Trippin’ {mini} Adventure Guide