Intentional Parenting: Raising a Happy Family on Purpose

When I got pregnant with my first child, I dreamed of long days snuggling on the couch, playing together, and tickle fights. I imagined a world where nobody (myself included!) ever had a meltdown, the house was always clean, and my kids felt loved every single day.

Fast forward eight years later and we have three crazy, wild, adorable kids and life is well… chaotic. We spend our time chauffeuring kids to soccer practice, art class, dance class, elementary school, preschool, field trips, birthday parties. And that’s just the half of it. I know you understand, because you’re in the same position as we are!

Even though things aren’t exactly as I envisioned them, I know that my kids feel loved every day. That’s something I didn’t have when I was a kid and it’s become the centerpiece of our family’s parenting style.

What we’ve learned during our eight year journey as parents, is that often times the parents we want to be are not the parents we are on a daily basis.  We’ve also learned that each of us can make HUGE progress toward being the kind of parents we want to be simply by being intentional about it.

We’re committed to cultivating a happy, loving, close-knit family and helping others do the same.

So, Josh and I have created this e-course as a guide.  During our four weeks together, we’ll break down how we define the term “family values” and how we’ve strategically created happy family habits.  We’ll also show you how to create family traditions and family adventures without stressing out, losing your mind, or adding a hundred items to your already-mile-long to-do list.

Once we’ve shown you how these happy family elements are created and how they fit together, we’ll show you how to find your own.  Most importantly, we’ll teach you exactly how to make them stick.

The Intentional Parenting: Building the Foundation e-course includes:

intentional parenting class - cultivating a happy family

Weekly 20-minute video lessons ($100 value)

I’ll break down family values, happy family habits, family traditions, and family adventures to keep you from being overwhelmed as you make your way toward a happier family life.  You’ll have recordings of each lesson to access later in case you need to review or can’t make the live lesson.

Weekly live Q&A ($200 value)

Ask anything you’d like during our live weekly Q&A call that takes place immediately following each lesson!  Tips, tricks, troubleshooting, or how to make mac ‘n cheese in a gas station during your next roadtrip.  No matter what you need to ask, we’ll answer.

Intentional Parenting Workbook ($30 value)

These reminders, worksheets, and notes will help you move through the course without stressing about missing a thing.

Private Community for the Class ($70 value)

You’ll get to meet everyone else in the group to share questions, concerns, and triumphs.  Whether you want to share your first ticklefight or ask a question about bedtime routines, you’ll have a community to support your intentional parenting efforts.

Total value: $400
Your cost: $59

Imagine driving cross country with the whole family and having the time of your life.
Imagine waking up to snuggles instead of rushing out the door late again.
Imagine going to bed excited instead of stressed out.
Imagine actually DOING things instead of just dreaming about them.
Imagine giggling seventy-eight times a day.
Imagine creating the family you’ve always dreamed of having.
Imagine creating a family bond so strong that you trade rebellious teenage years for happy years.

We’ll update this page when we set a date for the next class!