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In our house of three curious minds under nine, summer means a deep dive into independent learning and exploration. Shortly after spring break, the itch for sunny skies and freedom starts so we try to harness that energy by starting our summer bucket list. We have our annual traditions and must haves – blueberry picking, trips to the lake, water balloon fights – and each child has their own ideas of fun to include. Those dreaming conversations over the dinner table are some of my favorites, sharing dreams and hopes together.

Summer is one of our favorite times to sink into great books. It’s the freedom of grabbing a blanket and laying in the backyard. And the joy of crossing off another bubble on the library’s summer reading list. And sometimes even finding that main character with whom you can connect and live through, for a few glorious chapters, hoping that the final page will never come.

With two strong readers and one emergent, we have a wealth of possibility and adventure ahead! The kids talk to friends about their favorites, and we do our Pinterest and Google research looking for great recommendations. We also make reading a very social activity and host bookclubs over the summer. For our 3rd grader that means chapter books and movies based on the story accompanied by sleepovers and crafts. And the 1st grader enjoys a chocolate party while reading through The Chocolate Touch.

Some of my favorite childhood summer memories are wrapped within books, and I want my children to see their parents in love with learning, too! I’m taking the entire Anne of Green Gables series with us to the ocean; my 3rd grader and I are reading it together (although I’m not sure how I’m going to catch up to her.)

What’s on your summer reading bucket list? Any great finds for children you want to share?

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Such a pleasure to share our love of books! Thanks so much for opening up the opportunity. xoxo, MJ