Chuck E. Cheese {summer bucket list}

chuck e cheese summer bucket list

When we sat down to make our summer bucket list this year, we asked the kids for input, as we always do. The first thing Ava said was “I want to go to Chuck E. Cheese!”

When I think of all things summer, I definitely don’t think of Chuck E. Cheese. But this is a family affair and we aim to please around here…. So that’s how Chuck E. Cheese ended up on our summer bucket list.

We had a really slow start to our summer this year. The weather was strange, Max was pretty sick, and we had a lot of work things going on. It was too cold to go swimming and Max was too sick to do anything active.

And so, on a rainy day, we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese. We spent a couple hours blowing through a hundred tokens. And the kids had so much fun. We played ski ball and drove race cars and played Fruit Ninja on a big screen.

summer fun at chuck e cheesekids playing video games at chuck e cheese


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