Blueberry Picking {summer bucket list}

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So how exactly did it get to be July?! I feel like our summer just started, but at the same time it feels like it’s almost over! Thank goodness we made our summer bucket list this year… with everything we’ve got going on this summer between working and packing and moving and traveling and having a sick kid… it would be really easy to let summer sneak by without actually enjoying it. But we’ve got our lovely summer bucket list hanging in our kitchen, reminding us every day to get out there and do stuff!

Last week, we went blueberry picking at our favorite local patch… The Berry Patch. We only picked five pounds of blueberries this year since we’re headed out of the country in FOUR MONTHS! We ended up doing our berry picking in the evening this time around and let me tell you… it was awesome! It wasn’t hot and it wasn’t crowded. Nobody whined and we had a fabulous time. We had to pass on the blueberry muffins this time around since Max is gluten free right now, but I know they’ll be there waiting for me next summer!

How are you doing on your summer bucket list? Leave us a comment below!

family trip to the blueberry patch

summer bucket list blueberry picking

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