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The kiddos are really looking forward to summer, 6 weeks off school and the summer bucket list to enjoy. We’ve got the usual sort of activities on our bucket list but I’m also including some things that may my two might not immediately class as ‘fun’.

We’ll be going on days out and I’ve a list of crafty activities as long as my arm but there will also be a number of screen free days.

We don’t watch a lot of telly in our house, it’s allowed on from 3-5pm and as soon it gets near time the questions start, ‘is it film time yet?’, ‘can we watch tv now?’. It’s gotten to the point where my two will stop having fun with whatever they’re doing just in case I let them watch telly early and that doesn’t sound right to me.

The same will go for me and my phone. During our screen free days I’ll be able to use the phone for it’s original purpose, phone calls, but I won’t be puttering around on Facebook or updating Twitter. I won’t blog during the day and the iPad will be left up on the shelf.

I want to spend our day in the garden without questions about watching tv starting as soon as we’ve had lunch. My aim for our screen free time is for the bunch of us to have fun together, but also for some boredom to enter our lives. Right now the kids don’t really have time to get bored so aren’t all that great at entertaining themselves.

When I was their age I spent my summers reading, drawing maps to hidden treasure and day dreaming of all the adventures I could be having if ¬†could dive into a book and I want that for them. I know this probably won’t be a very popular bucket list item but I have certain that it’ll be a very positive one for our family. By the end we’ll have a summer full of memories, not a mix of memories and movie plots!

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Have you finalized your summer bucket list? Does it include any screen free days? Leave a comment about your summer bucket list activities below!

Summer bucket lists are all about intentionally carving out time to make memories with your family and unplugging is a great way to stay really focused on your family during those activities! Ned the Phone Monster wants to help your family create good habits around unplugging all year long. Find out more on our Kickstarter campaign page!

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