April Unplugged

Enjoy a collection of randomness that was our month of April…

And then go check out Childhood Unplugged for more unplugged awesomeness from some talented photographers.

7 year old skateboarding.girl longboarding.girl skateboarding.girl skateboardinggirl holding a big bone found on a hike.boy on his bike.girl playing at science city in kansas city.kids at science city.girl playing at science city in kansas city.tug of war.girl dancing on light up floor.girl twirling on light up dance floor.girl having fun at union station in kansas city.girl having fun at science city in kansas city.portrait of a 7 year old.think happy.girl on a swing.little girl playing bingo.girl with homemade easter bunny outfit.portrait of a 9 year old boy.dad snuggling his son.girl petting her basset hound.father and son reading in the grass.mom snuggling her daughter at night.

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