Instathoughts, vol. 1

What is Instathoughts you ask? Well, let me tell ya!

I’m a HUGE fan of Instagram. It’s just such a positive social network for me. I LOVE seeing all the amazing things my friends are doing with their lives, the beautiful places they’re visiting. I love that we can share in their joys, and I feel all the negativity that surrounds Facebook and Twitter is kept to a bare minimum on Instagram.

Side note: You can find us on Instagram @happyfammvmt, Jenny + I share an account 🙂

I get random moments of inspiration, or read quotes that stir something inside. So, I find a picture I’ve taken with my phone, overlay a quote/other words I love, and jot some thoughts down. And, boom, some Instathoughts on Instagram.

I feel these words deserve a bigger audience, so I’m going to start sharing a few of them here on our blog. I’ll be editing the posts a bit, adding some more to them, flush ’em out a bit.

Without further adieu, here’s Instathoughts, vol. 1…

Boy holding I Am Somebody bracelet.

One of Max’s friends gave him this ‘I am somebody’ band. I love that he never takes it off.
It serves as a reminder to us all that we are somebody, and there are people in our lives who love us.
It reminds me that we are unique, we matter & we all have talents/gifts to give to the world.
So, today, I want you to remember that you, too, are somebody. You, too, have talents/gifts to share with the world, and that you, too, are loved.
How can you let someone know they are somebody today?
Josh Solar (624 Posts)

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You never know when that supposedly random blog will make all the difference in the world to someone. Tonight it was me. Thank you, Josh, you have a special soul. Your MnL.