Adventures Always!

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? I sure know the greatest moments of my life have all been attached to an adventure in some form. Adventures are amazing, both big and small. Adventure is just a COOL word in general. I believe every single day should be an adventure. In fact, there’s a famous Christopher Columbus quote that goes, “We’d all be happier with more adventures in our lives.” At least I think he’d say something like that.

And, that’s why I’m excited to announce a fun adventure I’ve been asked to be a part of. I have been selected to share my vision and work at the Adventure Always Conference this October in Long Beach, California! This is a big deal. I haven’t done any public speaking since, ever. I haven’t even given a presentation since college. Yikes! I’m a little scared, I’m going to be vulnerable, I’m going to bare my soul to everyone in attendance, and I have a cool gift/challenge for everyone who decides to make it to Long Beach.
Here’s the details:
WHAT:   Artists & creatives gather for 2.5 days & nights of mind-blowing inspiration, unforgettable conversations and wild adventure…
WHEN:   October 21-23, 2013
WHERE:   Long Beach, California (Los Angles area) aboard the Queen Mary Cruise ship. It’s supposedly SUPER haunted. That’s REALLY cool, right?
WHO:   For artists, creatives and troublemakers of all kinds who are interested in producing meaningful work & living fascinating lives.
WHY:   Because this might just be the best decision you make for yourself (and your business) all year!
HOW:   Visit to reserve your space! (For a limited time, use promo code: WILD for $100 off)
I sure hope to see you there!
And be sure to follow us on Instagram for some cool contests over the next 5 weeks. You’ll have the chance to win a free pass to Adventure Always and join in on the fun! You’ll be able to learn more next Tuesday 😉
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