Schlitterbahn {summer bucket list}

One day earlier this summer, we took the kids to Schlitterbahn. If you don’t have a Schlitterbahn near you, you’re missing out! Josh and I went last year for a date and even though it was kind of chilly that day, we had a great time. Our Schlitterbahn opened a couple of years ago, so they are still adding tons of new attractions every year.

Apparently they encourage families to bring in coolers and picnic lunches. If I had done my research before we went, we definitely would have done that. But I didn’t, so we ate lunch in the car on the way up there. The kids were SO stoked to go to the water park, so it took a lot just to get them to stay still long enough to put on sunscreen. We piled our stuff into a locker and headed out to wander around.

The great thing about Schlitterbahn is that even though there is a lot to do, it’s all crammed into a small park, so there’s not a ton of walking. We picked the perfect day to go because it was crazy hot, but not crowded at all! We bounced around and did pretty much everything they had to offer while we were there. Max and Ava LOVED the water slides! Lia was going to ride, but chickened out at the last minute.

We spent almost all of our day in the Torrent River and King Caw Rapids. At first, I made Lia ride on my raft with me down the rapids. Then she wanted to ride alone, so I held onto her raft the whole time. By the third time around, she was ready to do it like a big girl. I have to admit I was worried she would freak out when we got separated, but she had a blast! We went again and again and again. And I think their overall favorite was Torrent River. It’s like a giant wave pool that goes around in a circle. We did it with tubes. Then without tubes. Then with, without, with, without. They had so much fun diving under the water and swimming with the waves!

We had to finally drag ourselves out of the place at 7 pm so we could go eat dinner! Everyone was exhausted (and nobody was sunburned!), but we had such an amazing time! The kids haven’t stopped asking about going to Schlitterbahn again since we left. I think we’ll have to put this on our summer bucket list every year! Note: All photos were taken with Josh’s iPhone 4 in a Lifeproof case.

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Disclosure: Schlitterbahn provided us with free tickets for our family to visit the water park. All opinions expressed are my own!

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