Lia’s First Concert

It all kind of started the first time she said, “Daddy, I want to hear the never ever song.” It took us a minute to figure out exactly what she was talking about. We didn’t know it at the time, but she would start naming songs she liked by repeating a line from the song… sometimes she’d get the right name, other times, the line would be so random, I’d have to sing the songs in my head to figure out which one she wanted.

We figured out that she had heard Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together song on the radio enough times to know she liked it. I like Taylor Swift, so I always listen to her songs when they come on the radio. At first, he kind of rolled his eyes and shook his head, but he played it for her. When the song ended, she said, “play it again!” And she said it again… and again.

That’s how it all started. And because he’s an incredible dad, he put ALL of Taylor Swift’s songs on his iPod. And he burned her a CD with her favorites so she could listen to it at bedtime. And then he burned her a new CD two weeks later when she had different favorites. And another the next month. She started listening to Taylor Swift literally on repeat. It was adorable… and slightly annoying listening to the same songs over. And over. And over.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together would come on and she’d yell, “it’s my favorite!” Then she’d skip to Fearless and yet again, she’d shriek “this one’s my favorite!” It turns out she has MANY favorites. And then one day she was listening to Taylor Swift and she told me, “I’m singing the words in my head.” And I asked her if she could sing them out loud.

It was then that I realized she had memorized the words to all her favorite songs. And my heart literally melted every time I watched her sing along. Seriously adorable… especially with her little kid lisp. We had discussed getting her Taylor Swift tickets for her birthday months before and decided against it. But after listening to her sing all the words to 22, I brought up the subject again.

It turned out that she was playing a show in Kansas City just one week after Lia’s birthday AND there were still tickets available! Expensive tickets, but what can you do. I was still hesitant, as we don’t usually spend that much money on birthday presents and I wasn’t sure how Max & Ava would handle not getting to go (because buying 5 tickets was definitely not in the budget!).

But Josh said, “Imagine if you were five and you were obsessed with Taylor Swift and your mom took you to see her in concert.” And then it seemed like the decision was obvious. Because what we’re doing here is collecting memorable experiences. When Lia turned five years old could have been the year she got the fill-in-the-blank Lego set for her birthday.

But instead, it got to be the birthday that she got to see Taylor Swift in real life in concert. It got to be the night that she told me was the best birthday ever, the best concert ever, even though she was tired and a grumpy. She had the time of her life and she’s got a Taylor Swift t shirt to prove it! This birthday got to be the one when we dressed up in cute outfits with jewelry and hair bows and ate Chipotle and shared a snowcone and danced to our favorite songs.

It got to be the time that Max and Ava made me SO proud. When I told them that we got Lia Taylor Swift concert tickets for her birthday and that we couldn’t buy five tickets, they handled it so graciously. They both actually got excited for Lia because they knew how much she would love it. They helped her count down the days until the concert and they even helped her pick out her outfit!

Lia was SO SO excited to see Taylor, but she didn’t actually come on the stage until 8:30 pm. Lia usually goes to bed around 7 pm and I tried SO hard to get her to take a nap and she just didn’t fall asleep. So I knew she would be tired. She was really bored while the two openers were playing, though she did get excited when ‘the boy’ (Ed Sheeran) played a song she recognized. She sipped her snow cone and asked me a hundred times when Taylor would be out to sing.

Finally she came out and let me tell you, Taylor puts on a really entertaining show! Lia didn’t know the first four or five songs she sang and I think she was getting a little upset about it, but then she sang several of Lia’s favorites, including 22 and Our Song. Lia was really tired, so I had to hold her the whole time, but overall she had a great time (other than not wanting me to take photos of her!).

By far, the highlight of the concert was the last song… Taylor sang We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and TONS of confetti fell from the ceiling. Lia ran around shrieking, grabbing confetti and grinning. She still talks about that part! After the concert, she passed out in the car before we even got on the highway. (Note: please don’t judge the crappy concert photos… they wouldn’t let me take in my real camera, so I got stuck with a point-and-shoot).

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Were the headphones because it was too loud for her?  You both look beautiful!  

happyfammvmt moderator

@RosemaryWineGustin Yes. It was SO loud! Even with the headphones, she still complained about it being too loud :) And thanks!! It was fun to dress up :)