Mother’s Day: Take 2

You might be asking yourself why this post has a “Take 2” on the title. Well, let me tell you about that. Mother’s Day 1 stunk. Grumpy kids being mean to mom led to unhappy tears. It just wasn’t a very memorable day in a good way.

I don’t like unmemorable days.

So I did what any good dad would do and conspired with the kids to have a Second Mother’s Day. Only this one would be awesome. So we did. We surprised mom with homemade cards and snuggles in bed. We bought her a chocolate icing devil’s food donut (or two). Her favorite! We also bought her her very own pack of chocolate oreos (she likes chocolate). We hung streamers, played cards, had a water gun fight, made smoothies, threw confetti and just had a fun day together.

Mother’s Day: Take 2 was a success, mom felt especially loved, and we had a memorable day…it was just one of those days where a little extra effort made a normal day into an awesome one. We like awesome days.

What’s a time when you’ve went an extra step to create a memorable experience for your loved ones? Share with us in the comments.

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Birthdays.  I try to go above and beyond for a memorable birthday.  Most recently - my youngest so turned 9.  He is an "idea man."  He wanted a Rain Forest birthday complete with hanging vines and snakes, etc.  And a dirt cake with bugs.  So......that's what I did!  Brown wrapping paper twists nicely into vines - especially when helped along by camo duct tape:)  We have stuffed monkeys hanging from drapery rods and snakes slithering up banisters.  I think we still have monkey or two hanging around somewhere:)

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@KendraPeters that's awesome! we kind of stink at birthdays around here. thanks for the inspiration to change that!