Stuff We Love: March 22

Loving this post from Family Sponge on how to dye Easter eggs the natural way.

This post from Positively Positive on teaching kids about peaceful feelings is wonderful.

A fun little tutorial from Honest to Nod about making cheap magnets from your Instagram pictures.

Jon Acuff on forgiving yourself…let’s be honest, we, as parents, are REALLY hard on ourselves. It’s time to stop, and this post has some wisdom on how.

Classic Play’s recent post on movement in art has some fun inspiration for kiddos.

This video produced by Justin & Mary turned me onto Hannah Brencher and her More Love Letters project. It inspired me so much, I left my first love letter at a coffee shop yesterday. It was most definitely the first of many. We never know how our words will impact someone, and any time we can send love into the world, we should…

The World Needs More Love Letters from Justin Marantz on Vimeo.


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