Five Tips for Awesome Family Road Trips

five tips for awesome family road trips

We’re busy planning a couple of awesome road trips for our family this year! If you’re planning your own road trip in the near future, you’ll want to check out our Road Trippin’ {mini} Adventure Guide! And if you’re ready for the real deal, our Adventure in a Box: Road Trippin’ kit is just what you need!

So, to get your road trip planning off to a good start, here are our top five tips for awesome family road trips!

1. Lower your expectations.

We all know that kids will be kids and we seem fine with that fact of life when we’re home, but when we travel, we totally forget it. So, before you head out on the road, adjust your expectations. It’s much easier to handle screaming, fighting kids in the car when you expect that it will happen. At the same time, let go of the idea that a road trip should be getting from Point A to Point B as fast as possible. Remember, the journey is just as important (if not more so!) than the destination.

2. Choose to actively seek out adventure.

We often refer to our trusty Roadside America iPhone app and reach out to friends via Twitter and Facebook to get recommendations of awesome places to visit and dine. Also, watch out for roadside signs and take a chance on something that looks really lame. You never know…it could turn out to be loads of fun!

3. Take pictures.

It’s no secret that we’re professional photographers, so it should come as no surprise that we strongly recommend documenting your trip in pictures. We also think you should take videos and write in a journal or on your blog. Your road trip is going to be full of so many memorable experiences, you’ll want to document them all so you can relive them over and over again!

4. Make a road trip playlist.

If you have an iPod, just create the playlist in iTunes and then put it on your iPod. You can also burn a few CD’s. We recommend upbeat, fun, happy music to get everyone in a good mood. Songs that everyone can sing along to are a great choice too! Either way, don’t leave your road trippin’ tunes up to whatever radio station you can tune into at the moment… come prepared!

5. Actively seek out cheesy gift shops and random quarter machines.

You never know what amazingness you’ll find. When we were in the Southwest, we picked up a giant sombrero and used it as a photo prop. When we were in Colorado, we bought stick-on mustaches from a quarter machine. Look for adventure and fun, and you’re sure to find it!

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