Sing for your vegetables

There’s no doubt about it… Lia is my difficult kid. I think it’s a good thing though. She makes me a better mom because I have no choice. I have to put in so much more effort and get really creative in order to get her to do something that she doesn’t want to, such as… eating vegetables.

When she was a baby, she LOVED vegetables. But as soon as she graduated to real food, she wanted nothing to do with them. Max and Ava are both great veggie eaters and that happened simply by serving them vegetables at lunch and dinner every day. I was consistent and they just started liking them.

But Lia has never grown to like her vegetables. There was a time last year when I thought I had finally won the battle of the vegetables, but it was short lived. For the past couple of years, we’ve given her V8 (aka monster juice) instead. But now that she’s four, I just feel like she should be eating vegetables.

So, let me just tell you that for the past two months, we’ve been fighting over vegetables at EVERY single meal. I was about to give up, and then I had a stroke of accidental brilliance (don’t you just love those?!). I told her I would sing to her while she ate her veggies… any song she wanted. So of course, she made me sing Little Bunny Foo Foo.

I sang. She ate veggies. It was amazing. And it’s still working, two weeks later. It feels like a bigger win this time because she’s eating more than just five peas. I’m still convinced that if she eats them enough, she will like them and then I won’t have to sing. I feel a little ridiculous singing Little Bunny Foo Foo so she will eat her veggies, but it works. And hey, part of the fun of being a parent is looking ridiculous, right?

I’d love to hear what silly or ridiculous things you do to convince your kids to behave in a certain way! Leave me a comment so we can feel ridiculous together!

creative way to get kids to eat their veggies

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My secret trick for getting Lia to eat her veggies is on the blog today! (link is in the comments)


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