Happy Thanksgiving!!

It’s Thanksgiving. And it’s Solar family tradition to bake an apple pie on Thanksgiving. So, today I’ll share a story about how it all started…

Family traditions are a huge part of building a happy family. Sometimes, we strategically plan them and other times, they just fall into our laps… or pie crusts.

A few years ago, I volunteered us to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving. And then I decided that we should make it from scratch! (“From scratch” means we used fresh apples and made the crust from a box 🙂 So the kids were lined up on the counter and we rolled out the pie crust. We put the crust into the pie pan and I walked across the room to get the apples.

And when I turned back around, there were little feet in my pie crust…
family traditions bake an apple pie

And in that moment, I had to make a decision… throw away the crust, drive my happy self back to Wal-Mart on the day before Thanksgiving or we could just continue on as planned.

So we made the pie. We baked the pie. We took the pie to Thanksgiving dinner. We ate the pie. And it was awesome! And then I told the story about feet in the pie crust.

The next year, at Thanksgiving, I volunteered us to make the apple pie again. We sliced the apples and we rolled out the pie crust and I thought, “maybe they’re onto something…”

holiday traditions for happy families

I mean, I know we can’t go around putting our feet in the pie crust every year. Eventually, people would stop eating our pie. So we decided to put our fingerprints in the pie crust. And it became a Solar family tradition… just like that.

kids hands in the pie crust

But the thing about family traditions, just like ALL important things in family life, is that you have to put in the effort. And if you really want things to stick, you have to intentional about them. One of the best ways be intentional about cultivating family traditions is to document the stories.

It’s no secret that we’re professional photographers and we LOVE taking photos of our kids and our family life. But even if you’re not a professional photographer, you should still be documenting your family traditions through photos, videos, written words, and telling the stories. It can be a blog, a journal, a scrapbook… whatever works for you.

We document our family traditions with photos and videos and share them on this blog. Together, those short stories will tell a longer narrative of our kids’ childhood and explain why we’ll always have a place in our hearts for homemade apple pie!

happy families come from intentional parenting

And the truth is, happy families don’t happen by accident. They’re born from intentional parenting. And that’s the focus of our brand new e-course… Intentional Parenting: Raising a Happy Family on Purpose. And the best part… registration is open and you can sign up NOW! We’re limiting the class to 55 spots, so hurry up and grab yours! At $59 per spot, we don’t expect them to last long!

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