Ava’s Kindergarten Field Trip

Since the day the permission slip came home from school for the kindergarten field trip, Ava was EXCITED. She talked about visiting the pumpkin patch EVERY DAY. Luckily for her, last Tuesday finally arrived and I headed off to Deanna Rose Farm with her and three buses full of kindergarteners!

She didn’t care that it was cold. Or that the bus ride was forty minutes each way. She was just plain excited! We walked around and looked at all the farm animals. I had forgotten to bring quarters to buy food, so she just scouted around on the ground until she found a few pellets of food and then she shrieked with delight when the chickens and goats ate from her hand.

We brought a sack lunch and ate with her friends, then we got to take the hayride out to Pumpkin Hollow. There were all kinds of fun games to play and we raced around playing mommy monster and climbing on giant haystacks. She picked out her pumpkin and we played some more. And then we took the forty minute bus ride back to the school. And the best part about it is she’s STILL excited about the field trip. Man, I love that girl!kindergarten field trip to deanna rose farmsteadkindergartener feeding baby goats deanna rose farmstead kansas

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