Ava lost a tooth!

Last Wednesday, Ava lost her first tooth. She had been wiggling it for over a week and about 30 minutes after she went to bed, she came down to announce that her tooth had finally come out! She was SO excited she couldn’t stand herself. What was really adorable is that she had no idea she had blood all over her hands and face.

The next morning, she came running out of her room to tell us that the tooth fairy left her a note instead of money. She opened the envelope and found five dollars! I LOVE that she’s so excited about losing a tooth.

I hate that it means she’s growing up. It’s so easy to pretend that they’ll stay little forever. And then life smacks you in the head and your kids loses a tooth. And that’s the way it goes. P.S. Isn’t she adorable with her one missing tooth?Kindergartener loses first tooth and gets five dollars from the tooth fairy.

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