The sugarSNAP Files {product review}

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the sugarSNAP files. To be fair, I was mildly obsessed with them after seeing the review from Family Sponge. If you know much about me, you know that I just LOVE all things organizational and of course, bright colored and fun!! I literally drooled over the sugarSNAP files for a week online while I waited to get my very own set.

The sugarSNAP files were designed by Tarah & Stacy, two moms of twins! They wanted to create something that could help other moms control the clutter and maintain some sanity while toting kids around. The sugarSNAP files were definitely designed with moms of babies and toddlers in mind, but I KNEW that I could find a way to use them even though we are past that stage.

A couple of days before we left for our Florida road trip, I got my package in the mail. I literally jumped for joy, ran inside, and tore open the box. I pulled out the Files and was immediately in love! I assumed that they would be pretty awesome, but I had NO idea how much love and attention to detail Tarah and Stacy had put into making this must-have organizer! I was seriously impressed by the quality of all the materials. The Files are so beautiful, I almost didn’t want to use them! (Don’t worry, I got over it pretty quickly!). Let’s just say that pictures don’t do these babies justice… they are gorgeous! I was also surprised at how big they are… each one can hold a ton of stuff!

Since we were heading out on our road trip, I knew I would use them to organize some things that I usually have a hard time keeping track of in the car. I used one bag to hold our apple slicer and a sharp knife for cutting up apples. I used another bag to hold plastic knives, chip clips, and napkins. I used another bag to hold my iPhone, sudoku book, and pencil. For most of the trip, I kept them under the seat. Then I got the brilliant idea of clipping them to the back of the headrest of the seat in front of me. Let me just tell you, it was awesome! A place for everything and everything in it’s place {in the car}!! (I totally hijacked Ben Franklin’s quote, but I don’t think he would mind)

If you still have little ones, you simply MUST get the sugarSNAP Files! I’m telling you, they are life changing! And if your kids are not-quite-so-little like mine, I’m still certain you’ll find many uses for them! I know I’ll be using mine again soon! I can think of a million things to put in them… sunscreen, paper & crayons, snacks for the kids, extra swimsuits, school supplies shopping lists, a first aid kit… the list goes on and on!

If you want to get your hands on your own sugarSNAP Files, you can get 20% off now through July 15th with the code ‘happyfamily’!

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Who is that cute model holding the sugar snap??? ;) And love the owl key ;) No, seriously, after giving these a try...I don't think I can live without these...


I don't think tampons are lotions and potions. LOL!

Jadah Sellner
Jadah Sellner

I love how you discovered the backseat headrest too! It's super awesome! I love my sugarSNAP files.