A Trip to the Zoo {summer bucket list}

summer bucket list kansas city zoo

When I was a kid, the Kansas City Zoo was not very good. You’d walk forever and almost never see any animals. Well, Kansas City has come a long way since I was a kid! The zoo is actually really awesome now. The exhibits are great, there are tons of animals, and we even have a polar bear! And we’ll be getting penguins soon!

Needless to say, our kids LOVE the zoo… so much so, that we buy an annual pass every year. We get to visit the zoo all year long AND we get unlimited rides on the tram, train, and carousel. So, we make several trips every year and we typically only hit up one part of the zoo each time.

Last week, we had planned on going to a local (small) water park in the morning with some friends. When we got up, it was only 65 degrees, so we made a last minute change in plans and headed to the zoo instead. Our first stop was the gift shop. Bad decision. We left with three crying kids. (You know how that goes, right?)

After the gift shop disaster, we stopped to visit Nikita the polar bear. He was born on the same day as Ava! Once our friends arrived, we hit up the carousel and then rode the train to Australia. We spent the morning visiting the tigers, the kangaroos, and the sheep, among others.

We found some picnic tables and ate lunch. By that time, it was about time to head home. We made a pit stop at the gift shop for a second try and emerged victorious (and with no crying children!).

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