Four Tips for Teaching Letters

I’m working on teaching Lia (kid #3!) to read. I think by this point, I’m pretty good at it! I had NO idea what I was doing when I started teaching Max to read. But I’ve learned a few things over the years! Lia is close to learning how to read, but right now, we’re still working on her letter sounds. She’s got about 22 down pat, so we are CLOSE! Here are my top three tips for teaching letters (and letter sounds):

1. Consistency is key! The quickest (and best) way for kids to learn something new is to practice it often. All you need is about ten minutes once or twice a day. And if you’re having a hard time staying motivated (or remembering!) to do it every day, try using a sticker chart.

2. Make it fun! We like to play letter games, use the alphabet puzzle, and read her favorite letter book.

3. Get older siblings (or grandparents) involved. Max and Ava love helping Lia with her letters. I love it because it helps promote a close sibling bond and it also gives the older kids a little ego boost. And of course Lia just loves it when her brother and sister dote on her!

4. It’s okay to use “rewards”. We try to avoid junk food (especially the kind with oodles of artificial colors!) around here, but I’m not the least bit ashamed to say that I went out and bought a pack of mini M&M’s to use as encouragement. Every time Lia gets the correct letter sound, she gets an M&M. Since they are mini, even 22 isn’t a huge serving.

Do you have a tip to share about teaching letters or letter sounds? I’d love to hear it! (P.S. All Amazon links are affiliate links.)

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hi...thanks for sharing tips...i like idea of reward chart....i am starting to teach millie who is 3.5years.No sweet rewards though but lots of fun...i do five letters at a time for week...we dance to funny music after lesson and reward at end of week is a visit to newsagent for kids magazine...she picks and we read and complete puzzles in magazine during next few days....sweets would be cheaper but at least this way she gets to see a goal of learning so someday she will read story to mom...


I'm just starting to get my Elysse (3 1/2) interested in letters, so thanks for the tips!


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