We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Kiwi Crates!

A few months ago, I saw this awesome kids activity box, so I pinned it. A couple months later, I ran across it again. This time I clicked to the website. I spent a few minutes on the site and then immediately signed us up for a subscription. We got our first Kiwi Crate in late November, but we never had time to do any of the projects. November and December are CRAZY months for us with 2 birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

So I tucked the box away. In late December, we got our second Kiwi Crate. I secretly opened them and oohed and aahhed over the amazingness inside. But I put them away. We were WAY too busy to find time to get them out. Then, right before Christmas, the chaos ended and we had an afternoon free. I went back to my room and dug out the Kiwi Crates. The kids had no idea we had them and they were SO stoked when they opened them up!

The first crate we received was the Dinosaurs Crate. Inside, we found all the materials we needed for THREE different projects (dinosaur stompy feet, dinosaur tail, fossils)! There were also tons of other goodies in the box, such as a pair of scissors, dinosaur footprint cards, and a card to record your own footprint.

Ava and Lia started working on the dinosaur stompy feet and Max opened the other box. It was the Space Crate. I can’t even tell you how excited he was! He LOVES space… planets, stars, constellations, galaxies… all of it. The Space Crate had all the materials we needed for two projects (space mobile and rockets), plus a bonus project: a calendar for the new year. It also contained other awesome things, like a teeny tiny tape dispenser (does everyone’s kids love tape as much as mine do?!) and a bonus project card. Max pulled out the paints and started on the space mobile. Our kids loved the projects SO much, they begged to do them all that day. We had things to do though, so I put away the other projects for another day.

That day was a couple days ago. We had an afternoon free and I asked the kids what they wanted to do. They all agreed it was Kiwi Crates. All three of them made the dinosaur fossils and the space rockets. We spent a good hour and a half doing the two projects. They were all able to do the fossils with little help, but the rockets required a little more supervision. The rockets were by far the most fun thing to play with of all the projects. All the kids LOVED running around the house blasting off their rockets! I made one too since there was enough supplies (and it was definitely fun!).

Overall, I have to say Kiwi Crate is FABULOUS!!! I really thought it would be cool and that we would like it, but I had no idea just how awesome it would be! Every single thing is very well thought out and very well done. All of the projects we have done are age appropriate, interesting to kids, and they give enough supplies for more than one kid to participate (which I greatly appreciate!). When I first got on their website, I was pretty bummed because I figured they mail the same box to everyone each month. BUT, now I’m pretty sure that everyone starts with the dinosaur crate and then follows some kind of pattern. Why does that matter? I don’t want to miss out on all the cool crates they have featured on their website! I can’t wait to get the Gardening Crate!

On their website, Kiwi Crate says they are designed for ages 3-6, but honestly, Max had just as much fun doing these projects as the girls did. He is old enough that he can read and follow all the directions with little help. I assisted the girls quite a bit, but I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a family activity, so I think they intend on you helping the little ones. The only thing that’s disappointing is that you have to wait a WHOLE MONTH to get your next crate. Seriously though, this is THE best $20 we spend each month!

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Amy Lee
Amy Lee

Man, I can't wait for my daughter to get older so we could do these fun things together!


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