Simple Ideas for Organized Family Living – To Go Totes for the Kids

It happened randomly and accidentally, as do most of my fabulous ideas. Ava really wanted to have an art party for her birthday. At first, I figured the girls would just paint on canvases. Then, I was at Wal-Mart and I ran across some really cute canvas tote bags… kiddie size no less! So we changed the entire focus of the party to painting the bags with puffy paint (remember that from when we were kids?!).

The girls painted their bags during the party. We had one left over and it happened to be blue (lucky Max!). Max painted his later… totally Angry Birds (who would have guessed?!). Ava went back and added Angry Birds to the other side of her bag (surprised?). And here’s where the fabulous part comes in…

One day, when we were heading out the door, I mentioned to the kids that they should grab their bags and load up their snack packs, water cups, and some books/toys to take in the car. It worked SO well, we’ve been doing it daily since then! As an added bonus… it’s easier to get all their junk BACK into the house after we come home!

custom bags for kids help everyone get ready

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