The Story of My 5 Day Juice Cleanse


First off, why a 5 day juice cleanse? I would love to explain it, but this is the best explanation of why you should do a juice cleanse I’ve been able to find. We’ve been making our own juices for a couple of months now, usually one a day, sometimes for breakfast, sometimes for an evening snack, etc. From the moment we started drinking them, our energy levels soared. Something about a PURE juice in your system just gets you going!

I decided to start my cleanse on a Monday after our busy season, wedding photographers (we are wedding and family photographers in case you didn’t know) are pretty slow in Kansas City during the winter, so the middle of December was the perfect time to do it. I also decided to document everything I drank over the course of the 5 days and wanted to share that, along with how I felt, so that anyone considering doing a juice cleanse knew a little bit about what to expect. Although, I suspect that it affects everyone differently.

A few notes:

  • I only drank water and juice I made for 5 days.
  • I don’t drink anything with caffeine, so not drinking coffee and other such beverages was a non-factor. If you drink caffeinated drinks all the time, it might shock your body to suddenly not drink them.
  • I tried to drink 16 oz. of juice every 3 hrs 6 times a day, so at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm…that’s a LOT of fruits and veggies!
  • I drank a TON of water every day. At least 150 oz. of water in addition to my juice…I drink a lot of water every day anyway, I’m crazy like that.
  • We use the Breville 510XL Ikon Juicer. It’s awesome! It has 5 speeds which is crucial to maximizing the output from various fruits and veggies. Soft veggies like your greens need to be juiced at a slower speed than do hard veggies like beets. I recommend getting a solid juicer if you want to make the most effective concoctions.
  • I started every day off with 8 oz. of warm lemon water. Gets the digestive system ready.
  • I didn’t keep track of exact amounts of fruits and veggies for my recipes. I’m more of a throw stuff in, a little of this, a little of that. If you are making juices, just play with it, you’ll find what works for you πŸ™‚
  • The amount of juice I drank of each recipe was not necessarily all at the same time. I made as much juice as possible and drank it in 16 oz. increments (usually). That’s why it might say 26 oz. or 32 oz. or whatever next to the recipe, it just might not have been all at once.
  • I didn’t do a cleanse to lose weight but I knew that weight loss would be a side effect. I weighed 199 on Monday morning, and on Saturday morning I was down to 190. 190 is the lowest I’ve weighed in years. Now I will say that once I started eating again I put some of that back on right away, but I’m hovering around 194 a month after my juice cleanse, so there you have it.

Day 1

As with most things, right at the beginning you’re SUPER excited to try something new, especially when it involves your health. So, the first day started out great. No headaches, lots of energy, ready to take on the world. As the day went on, though, the energy just wasn’t there and my belly kept saying, “give me some food!!!!!”

TIP: I learned early on was that if I started to feel hungry, but it wasn’t time for my next juice, that I would drink some early. Once you get a hunger headache, it won’t go away, and that SUCKS.
Recipe 1 (32 oz.)
Red and green apples, pear, rainbow chard, celery, romaine lettuce

Recipe 2 (26 oz.)
Broccoli, turnip greens, carrots, red cabbage, red apples, pear, red bell pepper

Recipe 3 (24 oz.)
Orange bell pepper, spinach, kale, celery, red and green apples, pear, beets, carrots, ginger, Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink Powder

Recipe 4 (8 0z.)
Pineapple Juice (a yummy dessert!)

Day 2

Honestly, my head HURT almost all day. To make matters worse, we had friends in town and I stayed up WAY too late.

Recipe 1 (16 oz.)
Spinach, rainbow chard, kale, romaine lettuce, turnip greens, red apples, carrots, pear, ginger

Recipe 2 (22 oz.)
Rainbow chard, carrots, cucumber, green apple, lemon, lime, red cabbage, romaine lettuce, turnip greens, ginger, Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink Powder

Recipe 3 (26 oz.)
Red apples, pear, rainbow chard, carrots, romaine lettuce, spinach, ginger

Recipe 4 (16 oz.)
Turnip greens, kale, green and red apples, pear, carrots, red bell pepper, beet, broccoli, red cabbage, ginger

Recipe 5 (8 oz.)
Pineapple juice

Day 3

Because I stayed up WAY too late, I only got 4 hours of sleep. This led to a super grumpy me. My head still hurt, and I had no energy. I felt like a zombie, but I really didn’t know if it was the lack of sleep or the juice cleanse.

Recipe 1 (16 oz.)
Spinach, kale, ginger, carrots, red and green apples, pear

Recipe 2 (15 oz.)
Red and green apples, carrots, broccoli, turnip greens

Recipe 3 (22 oz.)
Cranberries, grapes, turnip greens, romaine lettuce, pear, red apples, carrots, red bell pepper, spinach, beet, Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink Powder

Recipe 4 (16 oz.)
Tomatoes, carrots, beet, celery, red bell pepper, kale, spinach

Recipe 5 (18 oz.)
Spinach, turnip greens, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, red and green apples, pear, romaine lettuce

Recipe 6 (10 oz.)
Pineapple juice

Day 4
I got plenty of rest and felt GREAT! I even ventured into Glace (the best ice cream shop ever to buy gift cards) and hit up Trader Joe’s for groceries without feeling super hungry. I also received my p90x2 DVD‘s in the mail and was eager to work out, so I did the Yoga X2 video that night. Again, I felt great! No headaches, lots of energy.

Recipe 1 (26 oz.)
Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, red and green apples, pear, grapes, cranberries

Recipe 2 (32 oz.)
Lime, lemon, celery, spinach, beet, orange bell pepper, kale, turnip greens, red apples, carrots, Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink Powder

Recipe 3 (35 oz.)
Turnip greens, red cabbage, kale, red and green apples, cucumber, celery, ginger, carrots, spinach, tomato

Recipe 4 (10 oz.)
Pineapple juice

Day 5
At this point, I still felt great but I kind of wanted to eat some food. Everything sounded SO good! I did not break, though. On the last day, I felt SOOOOO good! Again, no headaches, the yoga from the day before left my body a little sore, but overall I couldn’t complain.

Recipe 1 (32 oz.)
Cranberries, spinach, celery, tomato, red and green apples, carrots, ginger, kale, cucumber, pear, Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink Powder

Recipe 2 (40 oz.)
Pears, red and green apples, lemon, orange bell pepper, tomato, red cabbage, cucumber, lime, romaine lettuce, beet, turnip greens, carrots, ginger, broccoli

Recipe 3 (32 oz.)
Ginger, romaine lettuce, celery, red and green apples, cucumber, beet, tomato, carrots, kale, spinach, red bell pepper, pear

No pineapple for dessert because we were all out πŸ™‚

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Hello! I stumbled upon this blog post while googling "5 day juice cleanses" I am on day 1 of my cleanse and I'm hungry. haha! (it's only 1:30 in the afternoon!!) Reading this post is keeping me motivated to get through the day so I can make it to day 2. Thank you!!


I would like to do the five day detex to start. It is now November and rather chilly here in UK. Can any of you advise on warming recipies please Margaret

Aimee W.
Aimee W.

I found your site looking for juice cleanse experiences in the Kansas City area. I am going to try to do a 60 day juice cleanse - though I am not sure how that will go. I figure just take it one day at a time. Your information was very helpful. I am hoping that during the summer it will make it easier given the availability of fresh fruits and veggies. ugh! Aimee

Joanne Encarnacion
Joanne Encarnacion

Good job friend. Juicing is such an amazing eye opener for us and our family and our family hasn't been happier, healthier, and just even more beautiful and radiant than before. I'm glad to hear about your journey. Let's do it again!


Bless you! I just did four days (no way to juice + CrossFit without passing out...) and my body is happy, but solid food is pretty much the best thing on earth. Cauliflower, sweet cauliflower! Come to me, baby!


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