Two front teeth {missing}

Max lost both his two front teeth not too long ago. And it’s just another sign that he is growing up too fast. I have to say though, kids with no front teeth are freaking cute! He has one tooth coming in now, so I’m SO glad that we found time to photograph him when he still had the huge gap. There’s something about a kid grinning with no front teeth!

He’s gotten to a point where he is very aware and concerned with what others think about him (I’m certain that’s coming from kids at school). Often times, he won’t be silly even when no one is around. We got lucky on this particular day and got not only some great Max grins, but some crazy eyes too!Portraits of a boy missing his two front teeth.


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Hana never had the gappy smile because her permanent teeth were already coming in behind her baby teeth! I was so looking forward to her gapy smile!