The Halloween Party {2011}

Yes, yes… I realize that it’s already AFTER Thanksgiving and I’m just now blogging Halloween. Whatever… I’ve been busy! Every year, we have a massive Halloween party at our house with all of our friends and their kids. You can see pictures from last year’s awesome Halloween party here and the year before here. By the way, I should get some credit here… last year I didn’t blog Halloween until JANUARY. It’s still November.

So, this year, (as you know!) Halloween was on a Monday. That made things a little tricky. Ava has preschool on Monday afternoons and Max of course has school all day. BOTH of their school parties were that afternoon. I volunteered to make mummy juice boxes for Max’s class and in true Solar fashion, I waited until that morning. Wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of tape with about 4 boxes to go. Enter trip number one to Wal-Mart!

We made apple cider donuts that day for the party. I was on my game enough to prep the dough the day before. I did not, however, make sure that we had enough oil to cook the donuts. Enter trip number two to Wal-Mart. Half way through cooking the donuts, my candy thermometer broke. You CANNOT make donuts without a thermometer (trust me… I learned by experience!). Enter trip number three to Wal-Mart! By that time, I didn’t have enough time left to cook all the donuts. Luckily Josh’s mom swooped in and saved the day. She stayed and cooked the rest while Josh and I headed to Ava’s preschool party.

We were in charge of the snack for the party, so we brought oreos, twizzlers pull n peel, frosting, and mini m&m’s to make spiders. I realize that’s about as unhealthy as you get, but the kids loved it. (On a sidenote, I REALLY wanted to bring banana ghosts and jack o’lantern clementines, but since we were bringing the ONLY snack, I was encouraged to bring junk food. Whatever… sometimes it’s okay to eat that stuff… just not all the time!). I got to stay for almost the whole party before I had to rush off to Max’s party. Josh stayed with Ava, then dropped her off at his mom’s, and made it to Max’s party shortly after it started.

We had a fun time at Max’s school party too. They decorated pumpkins, decorated cookies, played some games, and of course we did freeze dance to The Monster Mash (my favorite! and I got to lead it :). After Max’s party, we rushed home to get everything ready for OUR party! My awesome friend Angie made the mummy dogs (and some amazing salsa!) and my other awesome friend Natalie made the graveyard mac n cheese. We had some games and some pumpkin decorating, lots of eating, and of course the hayride for trick-or-treating. It was a HUGE hit with the kids last year and we were so thrilled that our friends the Medskers were able to make it happen again this year!

We trick-or-treated for almost an hour, then made a loop by the house to drop off all the little ones. Lia was DONE. She was laying down in the trailer saying “I’m tired…” Max and Ava were ALL about the candy. All in all, it was SO fun! I think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I get to have all my favorite people at my house at once. Later that night, after everyone was tucked in bed, Josh came across this fabulous idea on a friend’s blog: the great pumpkin.

The morning after Halloween, we told the kids about the Great Pumpkin. We told them that if they left enough candy for him on the front porch, he would bring them a surprise. Max wanted to put it all out and Ava did too. We decided to keep a few pieces each and leave the rest out. The next morning, the candy was gone and in it’s place was Cars 2! The kids were ecstatic and I was thrilled that I didn’t have to be the bad guy. All the candy was gone within a week! Well, except what the Great Pumpkin took to our studio… anyone want some leftover Halloween candy?

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Did you know there is an organization that you can donate your candy to that will send your candy to soldiers overseas? Cool, right? Maybe you can do that next year. We missed all the fun games since we were so late to the party. :( Thanks for the invite. We had a blast, like always!