Ava Turns 5: Pancakes, Bubbles and Balloons

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As Ava turns 5 today, I want to make note of a few things that I never want to forget. As we all know, time with our kiddos flies by, they change SO fast, and we just can’t possibly remember it all.

Here’s what I want to remember about Ava now:

That giggle…

The “I love you SOOOOO much’s”

The tongue that sticks out after she scores a goal while playing soccer. The one that says, “I’m excited because I scored, but shy and now you’re all looking at me.”

The joy Ava finds in creating. From painting, to coloring, to writing love notes…”I want to COLOR!”

Famous Ava hugs and kisses.

The love of reading. When Ava disappears you know you’ll find her somewhere with her nose deep in a book.

The kindness. The sharing. The “wanting to please everyone.”

The LOVE she has for this family. She’s the first to do ANYTHING that will make one of us happy. This includes giving up whatever she may have to one of her siblings, even if it’s her last one.

The fearlessness. Of all of our kids, she’s the first to jump into new situations with a smile on her face ready to take on whatever challenge may come her way. (i.e. the ziplines in Oregon)

Her high pitched voice that we only hear when she’s SUPER excited for something and she starts stuttering and rambling in run on sentences and and and…

When she asks me to sing to her at night (the only song I know is Not Fire, Not Ice by Ben Harper, but still)

I’m sure I’m forgetting quite a bit in here, but it’s hard to sum up the love you have for one of your kiddos in a few words. There’s so much more to the dynamics of a child growing up. They’re one year closer to being out on their own. One year closer to finding the love of their life. One year closer to not relying on you quite so much. I’m not going to focus on that, though. For now, I’m going to focus on (as my good buddy John said) “soaking up” as much of my little Ava as I possibly can.

And for Ava, whenever you find this post, please know that we love you so much. You bring us so much JOY. Our lives are better with you in them and you’re going to do big things in this world.

And, on her birthday today, we had birthday pancakes, blew bubbles in the house and surprised her with oodles of balloons to play with…

Birthday pancakes for our 5 year old.Blowing bubbles in the house!Lots and lots of balloons in my daughterFun with lots of balloons for a 5 year old.Balloon fun with a 5 year old.

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cori hornedsen - I have to agree, those pictures are darling! That one of both of the girls in their pettiskirts is adorable.


These images and the memories are so great. I have started to keep a piece of paper in the kitchen always available to write down things my son is doing right now, because it will change tomorrow, next week, next year.

Mishelle Lamarand
Mishelle Lamarand

Aw, I loved this post! And could relate as my oldest turns 5 in just a few short weeks... I love the "one more hug, one more kiss? Pleeeease mommy?" Oh, 5 is so fabulous. Thank you for sharing!


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