The big brother hair salon

Lia got a princess hair styling set for her birthday. She just LOVES it! What she loves the most though, is when her brother plays hair stylist. It’s so great to watch him play girly stuff with the girls. When it was just him and Ava, they pretty much played Star Wars or Cars 24/7. Now that Lia is around (and she has strong ideas about what she will and will not play!), he is playing more things that other people (his sisters included!) want to play. And that’s definitely a good thing… I see so much of myself in him. The eagerness, the desire to be first and to be the best, always wanting to be in control :). And those are all great qualities… in limited quantities! It makes me so happy to watch him curl his sisters’ hair!

kids play hair salon with disney princess set

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Classic. Simply classic. {{and the photos are beautiful!}}