Simple Ideas for Healthy Family Living – Smoothies

I’m super excited to tell you that we’re expanding our Simple Ideas series to include so much more than just Happy Family Living! This week, we’re having our first edition of Simple Ideas for Healthy Family Living. We’ll continue expanding this series in the future to share as many Simple Ideas as possible!

So, I’m sure by now, you’ve read our post about eating a rainbow. We’re really working on getting our kids (and ourselves!) to eat more fruits and veggies and more variety. The Today I Ate a Rainbow kit is really helping! The kids are super excited about getting their rainbow in every day and one thing that is really helping toward that goal is making smoothies. We’ve been making them smoothies almost every day. Sometimes we make them in the morning before breakfast. Other times, we make them after dinner and throw in all the “colors” the kids are missing for the day. That usually means Lia gets a mango-blueberry smoothie and Ava gets a banana-blueberry smoothie. Max gets his rainbow in every day by lunchtime, so his smoothie is just bonus.

The best part about the smoothies? The kids LOVE them and totally think they’re a treat. They get a healthy snack and I get to feel better about what they ate for the day. Here’s our favorite smoothie recipe of all time:

1 cup of apple juice (we’ve also used 1/2 cup apple juice & 1/2 cup carrot juice)
1 handful of organic spinach (enough they can’t taste it, enough they get some greens, enough they can’t see it)
1 fresh banana
a handful of frozen strawberries
a big handful of frozen (or fresh) blueberries

We used to make that one all the time. Now, we pour in a cup of V8 fusion and throw in a banana. Then we toss in whatever frozen fruit we have handy. One of these days, we’re going to make our own fresh veggie juice (with our new Breville Ikon juicer) and use that in their smoothies instead of the V8 fusion. I’ll let you know how that goes!

And don’t forget, we’re giving away a Today I Ate a Rainbow kit! Today is the LAST day to enter, so visit our post about eating a rainbow and enter to win!
kids making fruit smoothies healthy breakfast
toddler making and drinking fruit smoothie

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Jessie Emeric
Jessie Emeric

Yum! We love making smoothies at our house too, but haven't tried it with the V8 fusion. That's a great idea!