Mummy juice boxes (a how-to)

I saw these adorable mummy juice boxes on Pinterest recently (found here) and just HAD to make some for our Halloween party. We popped into Target last week and picked up juice boxes and white duct tape. I bought some eyeball stickers at Michaels (they didn’t have stick on wiggly eyes). When we got home from our shopping excursion, the kids wanted to help me put the mummies together. I decided that was a fabulous idea, since I have plenty of other things to do to get ready before Halloween!

Step 1: We carefully removed the straws from the juice boxes.
Step 2: We unrolled a long strand of white duct tape. I ripped it in half lengthwise since it’s pretty wide.
Step 3: We wrapped the juice boxes with the duct tape, starting at the bottom. We decided to leave the top open for easy straw insertion and sipping.
Step 4: We added eyeballs.

Overall, this was a very simple project! It took about 25-30 minutes to wrap up 17 juice boxes. The eyeball stickers cost $1 and the tape was $3.50. We used about half the roll of tape and there are tons of eyeballs left 😉

halloween mummy juice boxes kid fun project

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Where did you get the eyeball stickers?