Eat your vegetables

I won! I won! I won!! FINALLY… I won the battle of Lia vs. the vegetables. I’ve always wondered why some kids eat vegetables and some kids don’t. I rarely ate vegetables as a kid. Actually, I mostly ate junk food. I’m slowly outgrowing that, but it’s tough.

Anyway, back to my epic win… Lia has definitely been a tough one when it comes to eating vegetables. When she was a baby, she happily gobbled up her Gerber baby vegetable mush. But as soon we switched to REAL vegetables, it was game over. That was two years ago!

Max and Ava LOVE their vegetables. I don’t have to fight with them to eat them. Lia, well, that has been a different story. For awhile, I didn’t worry about it. I figured all kids go through that transition because they don’t really like the new texture of vegetables. Then I got worried and starting making her down some V8 every day to make sure she got her veggies. I also started buying the Mott’s apple juice that is half apple juice/half carrots. Sneaky sneaky I know!

So, recently I’ve started pushing vegetables again. I would put 5 peas on her plate at every meal and watch her push them off her plate and declare “I don’t like PEAS!” This week I made her eat some. We started with just one pea. The next day it was two. By day three, she actually said “Mom! I’m a big girl now because I LIKE peas!”

And JUST LIKE THAT, she now eats peas. I just knew that if I kept at it, she would eventually like them! So, we’ve had peas with every meal since then. Once I know we’ve got peas under our belt, we’ll move on to another veggie. The timing couldn’t be better as we are eagerly awaiting our Today I Ate a Rainbow kit that I just ordered!

toddler eating peas

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