The Kindergarten Picnic

So Max starts first grade this week. And I’m just NOW blogging pictures from his kindergarten picnic on the last day of school. Oops.

Now that he is heading into first grade, it’s crazy looking back at last year. I can’t believe kindergarten is over. I’m SO proud of my little man. There are so many things I want to remember about his kindergarten year of school:

– he always loved to “chase the girls” at recess.
– the time he didn’t pick Zoey to sit with him at lunch and she got mad at him, but they made up later
– he liked to teach his friends how to recycle during lunch
– his favorite school lunch was the yogurt meal
– he LOVED his teacher Mrs. Grimm
– he was friends with EVERY single kid in his class… seriously, I took him to a birthday party for a classmate and every mom came over to tell me how much her kid loves my kid
– he was so advanced in reading, he got sent to first grade class during reading time
– he LOVED Star Wars
– he was obsessed with geography, traveling, and the solar system
– he loved to have daddy pick him up from school in the bike trailer
– when he rode his bike to school, his was the only one on the bike rack with training wheels
– he wasn’t too embarrassed to kiss his mom goodbye in front of his friends

I’m interested to see how things will change this year. Will he grow up and be too cool for us? Will he love his teacher? Which friends will he have in his class? It’s hard to believe, but next year, Ava will be starting kindergarten and the following year, Lia will too. Our time is running out. That really sucks. But it’s a good reminder that we need to focus on the things that make us happy and be efficient and effective with our worktime so we can maximize family time. Here’s to getting back to a routine!

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Yesenia Emeric
Yesenia Emeric

amazing how fast they grow up so fast! Our little man starts 1st grade in 2 weeks too. Best of luck to Max in 1st grade :)

Amy H.
Amy H.

It's insane how fast our kids grow up. I look at my four at their various stages and wish so much that I could stop time. Hope your son loves first grade and that Ava is looking forward to preschool!