Lia’s Princess Birthday Party

Lia’s been talking about her Princess Party for months. Literally, months. I’ve also been planning it for months, thanks to my friend Pinterest. I got so much great inspiration from there! The ice cream cone cupcakes were found on Pinterest, as were the upside down hanging balloons, and the ice cream scooped into cupcake liners.

It was SO hot that day, so we started off the party with a little playing in the bike wash and the baby pool. Next up was dinner… we sort of squeezed in our BBQ with Friends from our Summer Bucket List. After we ate, the kids got dressed up in their princess and knight outfits and Lia opened her presents. She was SO thrilled when she got a new princess bike!

Next up was the pinata. I was really hesitant about buying a pinata… seems like a waste of $20. But Lia talked about it for months, so I bit the bullet and bought the pinata. The kids thought it was FABULOUS! Go figure. After the pinata, we headed in for cake. Right after she blew out the candles on her cake, we passed out the cupcakes. The kids devoured them and it gave me just enough time to get the cake cut and served up. And having the ice cream already dished up and waiting in the freezer was a real time saver too!

All in all, I’d say it was a successful princess party 😉


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Ashley Noelle
Ashley Noelle

Jenny! Fabulous party - made me want to dress up like a princess! :) I loved your dress you were wearing too :) Lookin good lady!


I thought Jenny was really brave for holding the pinata, but then I realized it was a pull string one and the kids weren't using a bat. :) So how did you finally get the balloons to hang down straight? The cupcakes and cake are super cute. Looks like it was a fun party! :)


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