Fireworks on the 4th of July – Summer Bucket List Challenge

Last year, on the 4th of July, the kids spent the night at Papa & Ee’s. We didn’t think they would do too well staying up really late to watch the fireworks and Lia has always been afraid of loud noises. So Josh and I rode our bikes up to the park to watch the fireworks. We had so much fun, we knew we wanted to take the kids this year.

After our barbecue dinner, we loaded the kids up in the bike trailers, along with some snacks and drinks, and some sparklers. And we headed to the park. We got there pretty early and staked out our spot.

We let the kids do some sparklers while we were waiting for the show. We bought the giant sparklers and were VERY careful with them. I always hate seeing kids with fireworks, so we’re pretty lame when it comes to letting our kids do fireworks.

So, we did some sparklers, watched the big fireworks show (which all the kids loved!), and then did a few more sparklers before we biked home. It’s a really fun bike ride home with fireworks going off everywhere around us (they’re still legal in Raymore, though I’m not sure why).

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