The Great 2011 Summer Bucket List Challenge

The Great 2011 Summer bucket List Challenge for happy families


Happy summer! We wanted to let you know about our latest challenge: The Great Summer 2011 Bucket List Challenge!

Summer is fleeting, but summer memories don’t have to be. That’s what bucket lists are for!

We built our summer bucket list after too many summers of missed opportunities. This summer, we’ll be documenting our Summer Bucket List Adventures here on our blog. And we’ll be posting updates to our Facebook page.

Won’t you join us? Sign up and participate in our 5 day challenge! We’ll walk you through building, creating, and displaying your list, and checking stuff off! Oh, and did we mention there will be prizes?!

To sign up, visit Joyful Living on The Happy Family Movement website and join the mailing list!

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The Solars

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Love this idea! I signed up.


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