The Summer Bucket List

We do it every summer. You know, summer’s coming and we make ‘the list’. In the past, it’s always been a verbal kinda thing. As in, “hey, we should take the kids to do such-and-such this summer.” “Yeah! And let’s go to that-one-place too!” And I’m sad to report that we pretty much never get around to doing all the cool things we say we’re going to do. Why? Actually, there is no good reason. That’s right, NO good reason. We just get busy and don’t get around to it.

Well, not this summer! We actually wrote down the list! And to make it even better, I wrote all of our ‘things to do this summer’ on colored index cards and hung them on the Love wall. Now, every time we walk into the kitchen, we get to stare right at the list of things we WILL do this summer. And, as an added bonus, we have two kids in this house who can read. And they won’t dare let us forget to do all the fun things we wrote down.

(sidenote: Our summer officially starts today. It’s Max’s last day of kindergarten… how did this happen?! Well, at least we get summer as a consolation prize to the kids growing up…)

So, what’s on your summer to do list? And how do you make sure the summer doesn’t pass by before you do those things?

things to do this summerColored index cards on the wallLove wall of summer funOoh! There’s the one I’m most excited about… splash in the waves of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans!Family fun in the summerSummer to do list on the kitchen wall.Ava couldn’t decide which were her favorites, so she chose a few 😉Girl pointing to her favorite things.Preschooler pointing to cards for summer.

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We've made our list but I love the idea of doing the index cards! Brilliant! By the way... Have you joined the #blogkc Facebook / meet up group?


Hey sweetie, I would very much like to go with you guys or in tandem with you forwhen many of your outings if it is okay with you. And maybe bring Emily and David also ifwhen possible. The more the merrier?


I think you've inspired us to do the same. And we are already planning on going to see Cars 2! I don't think the boys could be anymore excited about that. I think the kids are old enough to enjoy camping now. :) Thanks for sharing!


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