Lia…She’s Quite the Character

I’m going to go ahead and say it, we’re a bit behind on blogging.  To help us catch up (because we have some fun stuff in the works) I’m going to go ahead and share a bunch of random Lia pictures.  You’ll notice she’s ALWAYS playing dress up in some form.  She ALWAYS gets out way more toys than she could ever possibly play with (and refuses to clean them up…YAY!).  But, she’s our “beautiful princess” and we all love her dearly.

Enjoy some snaps of Lia over the last month or so…

Toddler wearing a Mardi Gras mask.

Toddler dressed as Ahsoka from Star Wars Clone Wars reading a book.

Toddler riding her tricycle.Toddler smiling on her tricycle.Sitting on ledge toddler and wii steering wheel.

Yes, she is wearing a Sleeping Beauty dress and putting on a Batman mask.  Sadly, she wouldn’t let me get a shot of her with it all on 🙁

Toddler dressed as Sleeping Beauty and Batman.

Preschooler playing with her toy microwave.Toddler punches the air.

Girl dressed as Tinker Bell with Lightsaber and Wolverine claw.

Girl smiling.

Lia: “Mom, I’m gonna get nekkid.”

And…she did…but kept on her un-matching princess shoes and hat of course.

Toddler in a princess hat with a beach ball.Girl dressed up in princess skirt and a bunch of random stuff.

Toddler eating a cookie.

Look mom, no hands.Black and white portrait of a toddler.

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Amy C
Amy C

Haha! What a great compilation of photos to show her personality. Love it!


Hahahahaha, I hate to break it to you, Josh, but that's Ava in the dress with the Batman cape. Lia's got her back to the camera wearing the red cape and talking with Max. Jenny, their haircuts are adorable!!!