Ava’s trip to the zoo

Anytime I take Ava on a date (if the weather is nice), we head straight for the zoo. She absolutely loves the Kansas City Zoo! On this particular April afternoon, we took a picnic lunch and ate it out front. Then we headed in with our gameplan (according to Ava): polar bear, carousel, snakes, carousel, sea lions, carousel.

We headed straight for Nikita once we got through the gates. The amazing polar bear has been a family favorite since he came to our zoo last year (especially since he was born on the same day as Ava!). Nikita is a big fan of swimming in one particular circular pattern, so there’s never a shortage of polar bear sightings. On this particular day, the zoo wasn’t too crowded and Ava got to watch him swim without being trampled by tons of other kiddos.

Next stop, the carousel. Ava has such a hard time deciding which animal she will ride, so this takes up tons of time. After the carousel, we checked out the snake exhibit (creepy, as always!). Carousel again, the sea lions were closed because they are getting a new tank, back to the carousel, and then we headed to the Peekaboo Barn and the playground, and hit up the carousel again on the way out. Just the way Ava likes it… a few animals and TONS of carousel rides. Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants!

Little girl at Kansas City Zoo watching polar bearChildren watch polar bear swim at zooNikita the polar bear at Kansas City ZooPolar bear feet at the zooGirl rides merry go round horse carousel smiling

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