Yoga Time with Ava & Lia

I like to workout.  Scratch that…I LOVE to workout.  I try and get up early in the mornings before Jenny & the kids are up and knock out my workouts.  I’ve completed p90x & Insanity, and am now trying an insane hybrid of them both.  Through all my workouts, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with yoga.  I could do some sort of yoga 7 days a week and never tire of it.  This leads me to my girls.

More often than not, the kids wake up before Jenny is up and before I’m finished working out.  This means that they come down and “workout” with me.  Usually it’s jumping on the couch, or running around me in circles like crazy people.  Either way, I love it.  But, what I LOVE even more is watching the kids pick up on what I’m actually doing.  They love to do some of the yoga moves on my yoga days.  They’ll even grab their favorite blankets and call them their “yoga mats.”  It’s pretty stinkin’ cute if you ask me.

We’ve even bought a Yoga video for the whole family.  It’s full of short routines that you can mix and match, and perfect for all of us to have a good time.  While I don’t feel it’s that great of a workout, doing animal sounds while stretching a bit with the kids is always a good time, right?

What are some of your favorite workouts/exercises that you like to do with your kids? We’d love to hear!

Kids doing the yoga pose, upward dog.Little kids demonstrating the mountain pose.

Note: the link to the Yoga for Families DVD is an affiliate link.


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Amy C
Amy C

I love yoga too! My boys also love yoga. My oldest took a yoga class here in San Antonio called Yoginos. He would go in tired and exhausted on Friday afternoon and come out a different kid! We did not have time in the schedule to continue but their dvd gets a lot of play time! :)

Melissa Fetherstonhaugh
Melissa Fetherstonhaugh

Hey there, I've just started to follow along after linking through Dana's Short and Sweet blog. It is amazing to watch what our kids pick up from us...we have four kids (an even mix of boys and girls). Your post strikes a chord with our family because two years ago, we, quite deliberately and quite thoughtfully, changed how we participate in exercise/sport as a family. We were that "typical" Canadian family that followed the diatribe that all kids must play hockey or play soccer or figure skate etc. while Mom and Dad shuttle from practice to practice sipping coffee. More often than not, five of us would be spectators watching one on the ice or we were split between arenas operating as two family units. Upon moving to Calgary we adjusted our family exercise regime. If we could all participate, then we all benefit and we spend great family time together as the bonus. Enter the snow and we ski as a family unit and enter the sun and warmth, we hike some of the most beautiful terrain on the earth. Much Happiness! Melissa