The Princess Zone

A few months ago, I wrote about Lia being a ‘spirited’ kid. Spirited kids are super emotional. When they’re happy, they’re not just happy… they’re elated, they’re overjoyed, they’re squealing with delight. And when they’re mad, boy you better watch out!

So I was talking with my friend Angie recently and she mentioned how we needed to be talking to Lia and giving her a name for when she goes all crazy on us. And Angie would know, because she’s got a spirited six year old (Zoey), so she’s about 4 years ahead of us on this one. Angie calls it the red zone and the green zone.

Josh and I chatted about it and he came up with a good idea: we’d call it the princess zone and the dragon zone. It makes total sense because Lia is obsessed with princesses and ‘fighting’ the dragons. So we started talking to her about the different zones. We make it a point to tell her often how she is behaving well and is in the princess zone. When she starts getting overly frustrated or mad, we tell her that she’s going into the dragon zone and we want her to come back to the princess zone.

So far, it’s definitely helping. It’s funny how just giving a name to her emotional state has helped. Sometimes, when we mention that she’s heading into the dragon zone, we can help her calm down and come back to the princess zone. Of course, that doesn’t happen every time, but it’s more often than not.

If you have a spirited kid, have you read Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheeda Kurcinka? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I’d love to hear what YOU are doing to help maintain peace in your house with your spirited (or not!) kids. Leave me a comment or send me an email to and I’ll send you some Happy Family Movement stickers!

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This is Lia’s latest princess attire… she wore it ALL day!

Toddler playing dress up as a princess.

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What a good idea naming the "zones". Audrina is DEFINITELY a spirited child so I think naming the zones is a great idea! I'll have to check out that book that you recommended. I need tremendous patience with this girl. She is just so opposite of Jaxson, but so much fun at the same time. She uses all my energy, that's for sure. Love the picture of Lia. So funny!

Kimberly Rodgers
Kimberly Rodgers

What a cutie pie! I love those zones- it would work PERFECTLY in our house.