One on One Time

Jenny & I are outnumbered.  We’re playing zone defense ALL THE TIME.  This means that it’s hard to find one on one time with our wee ones, so…

A couple of weeks ago, we decided that we needed to figure out a way to go on daddy dates and mommy dates.  Every Wednesday we switch off and take one of the girls for some fun play time, alone.  And so that Max isn’t left out, he gets his dates on Sundays.  Again, we’ll switch every week so that we each have one on one time with him.

We think it’s super important to have that one on one time.  The kids seem to love our full attention as well.  It rarely happens, if ever around the house.  Maybe for 10 minutes here and there, but not for extended periods of time like we can have when we’re on our dates.  We also try and focus on not spending a lot of money.  I know Jenny spent about $10 buying a couple of books for Lia, and I spent $10 at the mall for the rides and cookie total + another $10 on a book for Max.  But, they would be just as happy if we spent an hour or two running around the playground, or playing soccer.  It’s good for Jenny & I to spend time with the kiddos alone as well…giving our full attention to them…our kids notice that…and love every second of it.

This was our second daddy date & mommy date.  Mommy got Lia, Daddy got Ava.  We both took pictures…

First up, mommy’s date with Lia

Cute toddler portrait.Toddler smiling in her carseat.

Lia loves books, and it was SUPER windy and cold, so they hit up the local Borders.

Toddler reading a book at Borders.Reading books at Borders.Shoes and books at Borders.Toddler on the floor at Borders reading books.Toddler dancing with a stuffed princess toy at Borders.

Next up, is my date with Ava.  We were going to the zoo, but the wind de-railed those plans. So we went to Independence Center so she could ride the carousel (which is why she wanted to go to the zoo). She was so proud of herself for paying with coins I gave her 🙂

Girl paying for her ride on the carousel.Girl riding a carousel at the mall.Girl on a Batman ride at Independence Center.Girl riding rides on a playground.

I think this was the hardest decision of the day.  Batman cookie, Star Wars cookie or a Superman cookie?

Girl picking out her cookie at the mall.

Before she ate her cookie we ended up at Barnes & Noble. Something about our kiddos and books…

Girl reaing The Lorax.Little girl reading books at Barnes & Noble.Little girl reading a Fly Guy book.

We decided to try the park.  It was still a bit chilly, but when you’re eating a cookie and flying around like a madwoman, the chill in the air doesn’t matter too much.

Girl with her Superman cookie at the park.Girl eating her Superman cookie.4 year old eating a cookie.Playing on the ropes.Girl spinning fast on a playground thingie.Girl going down a slide.Playing on the playground.Girl swinging.Girl reaching the clouds on the swings.

I think this should be the face for the Happy Family Movement…don’t you think?

Smiling girl, cute portrait. The face of the Happy Family Movement.

I couldn’t leave out Max.  It seems he’s not in as many pictures as the girls, because, with kindergarten, he’s just not home as much.  So enjoy Max’s million dollar smile and a shot of Zoey (his girlfriend) as well…

Father tickling his son in the grass.Girl laughing.

If they ever get married, they will have the COOLEST slideshow to play at their wedding. Just saying.

Kindergartners upside down.

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Amy C
Amy C

Great post and great photos, as always! This is definitely something we struggle with. Especially my oldest, being in school. Thanks for the motivation.