Kindergarten Field Trip

In October, Max’s kindergarten class went on a field trip to Faulkner’s Pumpkin Farm. Josh and I both got to go and we had a great time. Max was super stoked to ride the school bus. It’s funny what kids get excited about! We got to play at their play areas, take a hayride, see all the farm animals (and feed some of them!), pick out a pumpkin, and play in the corn maze. Since quite a few parents came along, Mrs. Grimm assigned each parent an extra kid to keep an eye on. Since Josh and I were both there, we got two extra kids. I mean, two extra BOYS. Josh was of course having a blast taking pictures and encouraging wild and crazy behavior. So, that left me chasing three wild little boys (and one big one)! Let me tell you, after the field trip, I was exhausted! But it was worth it. My favorite part of the day was at the end. We were waiting for our turn in the pumpkin patch area, so Josh and decided to chase the kids through the corn maze, pretending we were monsters. I hope we don’t get banned from the next field trip for that one!

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