I love hearing about Max’s day at kindergarten. Everyday, when we pick him up, I start grilling him. How was school today? Who did you sit by at lunch? What did you do art class? What did you play at recess? Did you do reading today?

Some days, he is grumpy right after school and won’t tell me much of anything until later in the evening. I guess it’s hard to be good at school all day and then come home and be in a good mood at home too! But anyway, hearing about his day is usually one of the highlights of mine! I like hearing the kindergarten gossip. And I LOVE hearing about recess…

You see, there are 13 boys and 7 girls in Max’s kindergarten class. All of the kindergarten classes at his school are like that. But everyday at recess, he plays with every one of those girls! His favorite game is to chase them. They make up elaborate games, but it’s always based around chasing the girls. Some days, they are zoo animals who have escaped and he has to put them back in their cages. Some days, they are bad guys and he is the cop and he has to put them back in jail. Some days, they play on teams and others they don’t. Some days they are superheroes and some days they are Star Wars guys.

And I have to admit, when we pick him up from school, it’s pretty cute to see all the little girls who adore him doting on him. “Bye Max!” “Bye boyfriend!” “Love you Max!” “Bye Max!” It’s really cute to watch him pretend to be embarrassed. But the truth is, he LOVES it. And I guess it makes sense… he has two sisters and his best friend is a girl. I’m definitely not surprised that he enjoys the company of females!

The day he wore this shirt, he told daddy that all the eyeballs would help him see the girls better when he was chasing them…

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