The Kansas City Zoo

So we’ve joined Friends of the Zoo every year for several years now. It just makes sense. It costs about $10/person to get into the zoo. And when I pay admission, I always feel like I have to stay all day. And that is not a smart idea with three little kids. So, by getting the membership, we can go to the zoo several times, just for short visits.

Well, this year, the KC Zoo really stepped up their game. They added a new Friends of Zoo level, Gold Family. Yeah, it’s super cool and if you aren’t a Gold level Friends of the Zoo, you are seriously missing out. For just $110 (which is a tax-deductible donation by the way), you get a family membership (read: free entry everyday) to the zoo AND (get this) unlimited FREE rides on the train, tram, and carousel.

Yep. Free carousel rides. You can even ride eight times in a row if you want. Ava and I did that one time on a mommy-daughter date. We drove to the zoo, rode the carousel eight times, then went home. It was amazing (and free!).

No more long walks to the Africa exhibit, up that big hill and back. No more little kids whining about riding the train EVERY time we go to the zoo.

AND, as if I wasn’t already thrilled about going to the zoo a bunch, they recently opened the polar bear exhibit (after a very lengthy wait). We’ve got a three year old male polar bear named Nikita. And his living area is awesome! They built it so it could house up to 3 adults and a few cubs. So, maybe someday we’ll have polar bear babies!

For now though, the kids are just smitten with Nikita. Every time we’ve gone to see him, he swims his lap, around the rock, down and up right against the glass, feet pushing off the glass and torpedoing through the water. The kids love it!

P.S. It was super weird going to the zoo with just Lia and Ava while Max went to school. We didn’t tell anyone we were going to the zoo until after he was at school so he wouldn’t be upset.

We have a picture almost identical to this of Max and Ava when Ava was about Lia’s age.

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