Milk and cereal

Oh man, when I saw these super cute carafes at Target this spring, I just had to buy them! It wasn’t until after I brought them home, that I figured out a great way to put them to use. Josh moved the shelf down in the fridge and we fill the carafes with regular milk, chocolate milk, and apple juice.

Now, in the morning, Max can get up and get himself and his sisters breakfast. He just climbs up and gets down some bowls, grabs spoons from the drawer. Everyone picks out their favorite cereal from the pantry since they are on a low shelf as well. Then Max pours the cereal, adds some milk, and VOILA! breakfast of champions and I can spend that five minutes doing something else. The best part is that Max is super proud of his breakfast-making abilities. He’s like a superhero brother 🙂

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