Chores = Allowance, Part 1

So, you know how you threaten your kids with something before you totally think out how it’s all going to go down? You know, like when you say “if you don’t pick up all these toys right now, I’m going to throw them away!” or “if you don’t stop throwing a fit, you’re going to be grounded for-EVER!” Yeah, so this totally could have turned out that way. But it didn’t. So I’m going to act like I knew it was the most brilliant idea ever from the start.

So, one day about 2 months ago or so, I was just fed up with begging asking my kids nicely to pick up their toys. I said, “that’s it! Starting tomorrow, you guys are doing chores and you’ll get an allowance. I’m not buying any more toys. If you want something, you can spend your allowance on it. And if you don’t clean up your toys, no allowance!”

That night, after the kids were sleeping, we devised a plan. And we broke out (drum roll please!) the dry erase board. We decided that the kids would be responsible for cleaning up their toys every day, feeding Banana and filling up her water bowl every day, and putting their laundry away every week. They would get 25 cents each per day for doing their daily chores and 5o cents for laundry.

Here are some photos of them doing their daily chores, feeding Banana and cleaning their rooms.

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