Okay, so it’s true… I have a major obsession with buckets. It started 3 summers ago. I was walking through Target, minding my own business, when I saw them. Bright colored buckets on the bottom shelf. They were screaming BUY ME! So I did. I couldn’t help it, really. That was the year they had the small circle buckets. They are great for holding baby toys or bringing in sippy cups from the car, but not much else because they are kinda small. Last year, they had bigger buckets, with handles on each end. I bought a bunch of those. I used them for everything. Sorting toys from the living room by which bedroom they go in. Carrying stuff upstairs. Carrying stuff downstairs. Over time, some of the buckets started breaking. I found myself scouring the shelves at Target, just waiting until they would put out their summer merchandise. Then one day, there they were, bright colored buckets lining the bottom row of that same shelf. At first, I was a little bummed that these new buckets were different than last year. Then I realized they were BETTER. The colors are more fun, the buckets are bigger, and they hold way more stuff and are more sturdy. SCORE! I use them for sorting laundry now too 🙂 Oh, and they were awesome in the minivan on our Colorado road trip. Here are some photos of the buckets in action…

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